About Me


by MPG_Photos

Aug 01, 2019 · 1 min read
Hello there!

Mark P. Gurgone is a 23-year old photographer based in Chicago, Illinois. For his photogenic work, Mark P. Gurgone holds 4 years of experienced focus specifically on dynamic based cityscape, & high-quality natural portraiture shooting but does also have experience shooting commercial & product photography. 
Mark P. Gurgone specifically got into photography due to a friend who told him: "that we pass many things a million times within a year, but rarely notice many things". And after hearing those words, photography kind of always stuck within him until he eventually got a professional camera that led him to experiment with different work, & sights that has led him to take high-quality based photos and has allowed him to see the world truly through a different perspective. And through photography, Mark P. Gurgone hopes to motivate people to just get out in the world and live as there is so much to see and so limited time to see it. 


Photography by Mark Gurgone