GoPride - Pride in the Park

The goal of this event was to capture various emotional, fun & creative shots from different angles, perspectives & more that really captured the overall vibe & emotion going on within the event.

Total Images: 86

Senior Photoshoot - Vicor

A senior photoshoot I did with a senior in high school named Vicor, who was a very kind person. The photoshoot was designed around cityscape photos to bring to life Vicor in the downtown environment of Chicago, whilst keeping the focus on Vicor himself.

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A glimpse into various portraits I have done for clients & friends

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Project Work: Navy Pier Loop

Project Goal: To capture beauty shots of the installation from various angles and close-ups. To capture various interaction shots of various people using/interacting with the installation; making sure to capture diversity.

Total Images: 15

Brand Work: Stella Artois

Helped a friend with a product shoot for Stella Artois. The goal I set for myself was to show off the quality Stella Artois brings through unique & creative shots/styles.

Total Images: 14

Brand Work: Jord Watches

Project Goal: Provide unique & creative photos that show off the watch in different locations/scenarios & show off the overall quality of the watch

Total Images: 6

Brand Work: Ellison Sunglasses

Helped a friend with a product shoot for Ellison Sunglasses. The goal for me was to really show off how efficient these sunglasses were in terms of quality, durability & looks. And through my photos, I showed off how Ellison glasses were the sunglasses you needed to go anywhere without worry about looking off or breaking your pair of sunglasses as Ellison can take a beating, survive, & still look good.

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